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Terri Gets Her Groove

The naughtiness emerges:  It’s a little over three weeks since I adopted Terri, and she’s evolved from a shy, quite, emaciated pup into a brash, confident, and naughty girl.  Her fur is lovely, she’s got some flesh on her bones, and she’s about as flea-free as you can hope for with an active dog that goes outside.  She seems to be part terrier, part mountain goat, as I find her the other day on the kitchen counter.  She has her neighborhood buddies, particularly Sean, a stubby-legged mutt who loves to run and mock-fight with her.  On our long walks, she is always on the lookout for Donny, but if he isn’t around, she can at least chase birds and shefan selah (hyrax).  At night, I wake up to find her on the bed, stretched on her back, looking very foolish indeed. 

During one of the many STC-related conference calls that I have, Terri decided that it was a good time to drag her toy mouse into my office and disembowel it.  It was very hard for me to keep a straight face and concentrate on serious business stuff!