Fire Watch

The Big Blaze: The fire that started in the Carmel Forest next to Haifa on Thursday is still burning out of control, with no hope for containment today. We’ve had firefighters from Greece and Bulgaria, with other help from Turkey, the US, and more… Ultra dry conditions and high winds have turned this into a nightmare. Death toll is at 41 right now.  Ein Hod (entire village) is destroyed; thousands evacuated. Additional fires have broken out in the Kriyot, Ma’alot, and elsewhere.  Arson suspected. If you are interested in following the news feed, Ynet has their English version feed at

Honoring the Good: William Cooper is honored at Yad V’shem.  Hat tip to my mom.

Rebuking the Idiots: The answer to the question, “Can you be an anti-Semite and still be a symbol of diversity?” is NO!  Glad that Wayne State recognizes Helen Thomas for the bigot that she is.


Jump Out the Window

Google Translate gets nasty:

The original Hebrew was quite innocent…

…and here’s the English…

I’ve heard of telling users to take a flying leap, but my heavens!  (In case you’re wondering, the Hebrew is talking about a popup window.)

Words of Wizz-dumb

Say what? Sometimes the knuckleheads are just sublimely idiotic, like this clueless dude.  Can you spell ironyHat tip to Central LS.

Is this Greek salami or greeked salami? Hat tip to Hedke.

The world’s longest short-haul flight: Frankfurt to Tel Aviv is only a 4-hour flight, but it takes me 14.5 hours to get home from the TC World conference in Wiesbaden.  Chalk it up to delayed boarding, sitting on the tarmac for 90 minutes, missing a critical train in Tel Aviv (and being stuck 2.5 hours before the next one)… I staggered in at 2:00 AM.  As my mom says, travelling is not for wimps!

Fun in the Bathroom

Say what? Seen in the women’s restroom in the big conference center in Wiesbaden. This company needs some help with their product names and instructions.

The hand dryer:

The instructions read:

So I raise my hands near the sensor. Nothing happens.  I stand there and wave my hands around in front of it. Nothing.  I look on the side for buttons.  Finally, someone else comes up and pushes the button. The dryer roars into life.  How the f&^k did “push the button” turn into  “place hand in front of sensor”???

But this is not the only bad choice that this company has made.  Here is their disposal unit for “sanitary products” and such:

Here’s a closeup of the name. Note the graphic on the bags, too.

Fractured English of the Day

Gotta love the chutzpah:

A Fishy Farewell

One last hug for Paul: I think that he couldn’t stand being asked to predict the outcome of the upcoming midterm elections in the US.  Hat tip to Central LS.

A Tuscan Trip: a few more pictures

The obligatory postcards: These are the ones that you just can’t capture with a silly little phone camera.  (Yes, all the rest of the pictures from the trip were taken with my trusty Nokia E71, which is all I take on trips anymore. No separate music player, camera, calendar, etc.  I have a translation app, a flashlight app, and even an ebook reader on this thing!  Love it!)

Still, the little cheesy camera just can’t get those big, grand shots.  Plus I forgot to take it on the day we were in Firenze (Florence)!  I’m not too proud to scan a few postcards!  These are not my shots and I do not claim to own the copyright. Here’s that magic shot of the Ponte Vecchio reaching across the Arno.

Here’s what the front of the Duomo looks like:

And here’s the shot showing the tower and the dome:

And another shot showing the some of the city:

And a final lovely view of the Tuscan hillsides: