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Count Your Blessings

My roof may leak, but at least it is still standing: Scary images from Haiti.  As usual, we’ve sent a search-and-rescue team and more aid is on the way.  These poor people had not even recovered from last year’s devastating hurricanes, and now they have to deal with this.

Contemplating future travel trauma:


Call in the CSI Team

Blood spatter in the AM:  No, it isn’t a crime scene, but the results of a very energetic doggie who thinks that she can run with the big dogs and climb rocks to get at the hyrax, chase cats, and otherwise push herself to the extreme.  We come home from our morning walk and soon the apartment floor is sporting a new red pattern.  The Girl has cut one of the pads on her feet, and is bleeding.  It is just enough blood to leave a little spot with each footstep.  The cut is clean and will mend on its own, but it is going to take forever to clean up the mess.  Three hours later, I’m still finding little dots of blood.

My new self-help guru: Bob Newhart’s two words to change your life.

Yet more proof that dogs have less dignity than cats: A ballerina pug and a salsa LabradorHat tip to SG.

Brain Rot

Mad cow is caused by wet bovines: This weather sucks. The weather report in Seattle actually differentiated between light drizzles and chance of showers.  Basically, it is either grey and overcast, drizzling, or raining steadily.  Ever two weeks or so the sun breaks through and the natives run out into the streets, gibbering in fear and pointing at the sky. It is so friggin’ wet that slugs drown.  Everything squelches. My skin may like the climate, but the rest of me is longing for home.

Clients from hell: We’ve all had ’em. This site documents ’em.  Hat tip to NvV, who’s minty enough for me, ta ever so much.

Two Weeks, Four Cities, One Carry-on

NY with the sibling: Nothing says Autumn in the City like a rabbi sitting on a pumpkin.
Tracy on a pumpkin


Thatcher dies?  Not quite. A cautionary tale of sending text messages…

Quiz of the Day

Ideal for geeky TCs and gourmets:  Cheese or Font?  Hat tip to SM.

Typos of the Day

We need an editor, part 1:  I type “get autopay details from bank,” but the predictive text feature turns it into, “get autopsy details from bank”…  I know we always say the banks are killin’ us, but sheesh!

We need an editor, part 2:  Hat tip to Central LS.

Llama? Llama lo?

Llamas in tutus: Gevalt. Hat tip to my sleepless-in-Great-Neck sister, Tracy.