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Strange Shining Orb

What’s that bright thing in the sky? We wake to a vaguely familiar sensation of… sun!  Yes, after some of the rainiest, stormiest weather that seemed to last forever, the sun is now smiling on us again.  Everything is completely soggy, including growing patches on my ceiling.  My office is still shrouded in plastic sheets as our building va’ad bayit (homeowners’ association) scrambles to get bids from roofing contractors.

The sunshine makes our spirits soar.  Terri takes off like a rocket. After days of depressed plodding through short, soggy walks, she is once again free to bounce, run, dash, leap, romp, frolick, and scramble up the rocks in search of hyrax.  She spins around, runs in circles, and generally acts like a goofball as she burns all this pent-up energy.

Why are they surprised: I find it amusing that the NY Times, in covering Israel’s spectacular response in Haiti, comments about the total absence of aid from any of the oil-rich Gulf states.  Uh, duh.  They didn’t help in the tsunami, they didn’t help in South American mudslides, and they didn’t help their own brothers, the Palestinians.  So what else is new? They will still stand up in the UN and condemn Israel, and many of the countries who are now cheering us on in Haiti will support them. Same old, same old.

Word of the day: I spent over an hour yesterday struggling to solve a graphics problem. Finally broke down and asked a colleague who is a brilliant graphics expert. He explained that the problem was Internet Explorer, not me.  “Oh,” says I, “it’s a case of YAMFU (Yet Another Microsoft F*ck-Up).”  I just made it up, but I like it. Sort of rolls of the tongue, don’t you think? Go ahead and use it. YAMFU. Let’s see how far it spreads in the next few months.

And lest you think that I’m an anti-MS rabble-rouser, I’m not.  I run a Windows OS, I use many MS apps, and I think that with some applications, they’ve done a bang-up job of improving Help and other user assistance.  But, yes, they are so massive that even screwing up 5% of the time causes a huge impact on users.

Hi-tech envy: Ever watch those action movies where the bad guy opens a laptop, goes clickety-tippety-tappity for five seconds, and in less time than it takes to swallow that mouthful of movie theater popcorn, the full 20 million dollar wire transfer has appeared in his account? OK, this really pisses me off.  First of all, what the heck kind of laptop does he have that goes from standby mode to fully functioning, online, WIFI enabled, etc., in one nanosecond? Second, what’s his bank? A client in the States sends me payment via a wire transfer on Wednesday, and 48 hours later, it still hasn’t shown up in my Bank Hapoalim account.  Is there an Evil Action Villain account package that I don’t know about?

Granted, I’m one of these nerdy people who notice all the plot gaffs, the logic problems, and the continuity errors.  What’s your favorite movie “oh, pul-eeeeze!” moment?


Wet Doggies

Oooh, that rain!  Great storm finally hit yesterday.  Thunder, lightening, and steady rain from the afternoon through to the early morning.  Terri creeps up closer and closer until she is sharing my pillow.  This morning’s walk nets us muddy feet and that unmistakable aroma of damp dog.  To compensate for the cold morning, I nuke Nadine’s tuna in the microwave.  She almost faints from pure pleasure as she wolfs down warm, sloppy tuna.  Terri makes the mistake of investigating, and I hear a startled yelp.  Nadine has defended her tuna, and Terri is left cowering under the table.

Five more years: Adi Aldar easily holds onto his emperia in Karmiel with over 57% of the vote.

Why waste time and money at the movie theater?  You can watch all the blockbusters reenacted in 30 seconds by bunnies. Personal faves: Titanic and the James Bond medley.  Big howdy-do hat tip to SG.

Gotta love that transliteration: ‘Nuff said.



Gadzooks!  On Friday, Gill and I venture out to the brand new multiplex theater at Lev haMifratz.  The new section of the mall (now dubbed the CineMall) had only opened the day before.  With 18 theaters, luxurious sofa seating in the lobby area, and bathrooms galore, it is definitely the most over-the-top cinema complex I have ever seen.  We indulge in the latest Indiana Jones pic, and find it quite enjoyable.  Then it is on to Tatami, a sushi restaurant in the Kriyot.  Don’t miss their bittersweet chocolate truffle in espresso sauce! 

Terri goes under the knife: As I write this, Terri is in surgery.  I am a big believer in having pets spayed or neutered.  This is part of responsible pet ownership, and anyone who thinks that a pet is “missing out” on something by not being a puppy factory is nuts.  Wish us luck…

We Have a New President

President Peres:   It is no major surprise as Shimon Peres is elected president.  While I have enormous respect for Peres as a statesman who has dedicated his life to the political process, I do sort of wish we had fresh blood in the position.  Peres, who began serving in the Knesset in 1959, is now in his 80s.  He’s still sharp as a tack and quite energetic, but I wonder how he is going to cope with all those state dinners!  (Peres keeps his trim shape with an extremely restricted calorie intake.)

Smellevision is here:  Leave it Israeli innovation to come up with Cinematrix, a new theater system that includes motion, temperature change, and smell!  Be sure to watch the video.  All I can say is, glad they didn’t have this when Animal House came out.

Rubber combs rule:  Northern LS not only gets a hat tip for the Cinematrix info, but she wins Nadine’s heart by giving her a strange rubber gadget that removes fluff while massaging the cat.  Nadine quickly turns into a melted puddle of kitty blubber.  She glares at me when I stop.

Lump It or Leave It

Results are in: Our vet, the oh-so-serious Dr. Ofer, calls the other night with the results of Nadine’s lump biopsy. “It’s just fat,” he intones solemnly. We don’t need to do anything unless the lumps grow, he says, but the only way to control the situation is through diet. Bottom line: my cat is so grotesquely obese that her fat is bursting out into odd lumps. Can you say D I E T?

I never said that I could spell: Thanks to all of you eagle-eyed readers who pointed out that it is Finnish, not Finish (yet another example of the spell-checker only verifying that something is a word, but not necessarily the right word!). If you want to celebrate the joy of spelling, see The Dress Code. Great movie.


Double-oh-blech: Gill and I trek out to see the much-talked-about Bond prequel, Casino Royale. It’s not so much the blond that I object to, but the portrayal of 007 as a stone cold sociopath, totally devoid of humor, charm, or wit. With an Aussie accent. And a shocking dearth of gadgets. I won’t be spoiling anything to tell you that the best line of the movie was when he ordered a martini and the bartender asked, “Shaken or stirred?”
“I don’t bloody care,” (or words to that effect) responded a confused Bond.

Paging Miss Nadine: Her Royal Dumpling emerges from under the covers long enough to snag some chocolate pudding. Last night’s pasta had her licking her chops for a while, too. Some might suggest that there is a correlation between my cat’s diet and her rotund shape, but I beg to differ. She is merely full-figured, and proud of it. Now, what happened to the last piece of parmesan?

Common Ground

Do I know you? Our beit knesset holds a meeting last night with a professional congregational consultant. We talk about who we are and what we want to create as a group. There is some discussion about our experiences during the war. One of the conversations is an eye-opener, as I discover that I have much in common with a member whom I have known only by face and name for years. It is one of those little moments of serendipity that always make me catch my breath.

What is it that makes us connect? Sometimes the cultural ties of common backgrounds and shared experiences create a bond. But what about all those people you detest, despite a strong common background? And what about the people you bond with despite a lack of any apparent commonality?

Cas in point: I came home to discover Gill watching some mindless movie featuring the Olsen twins. “Why are you watching that?” I gasp. Turns out that Gill has lived his life (so far) blissfully unaware of the media monster that is Mary-Kate and Ashley. He surely feels similar shock at my appalling ignorance of army slang, kibbutz traditions, and basic animal husbandry. Yet somehow this never seems to be a problem.

So again I ponder, what is it that makes people connect? I am curious to hear what you think. If we solve this mystery, world peace is just around the corner…