About me

headshot32.jpgI entered the field of technical communication in 1980.  Since then, I have been a tech writer, editor, tech pubs manager, trainer, consultant, Help author, and usability specialist.

I have clients in Europe and North America in addition to my largest group of clients, here in Israel.  I enjoy the opportunity to meet people in different different cultures.  There is a common bond that connects most technical communicators, but there are also all the wonderful differences that location, language, and culture can add.

So what’s with the cows?  Dunno.  There is really nothing very techie about a large bovine, but I find them amusing, soothing, and graphically intriguing.  Hey, if a Holstein pattern was good enough for Gateway…  My company, Cow TC, carries on the theme.

More important factoids:

  • I am a slave to my dog.
  • I cannot comprehend life without chocolate.