Will 2011 Be Our Year?

I know it is only late January, but… It isn’t too early to start thinking about Eurovision 2011.  As usual, the contant rule changes (both internationally and here at home) have led to a new shake-down.  For the past few years, the representative singer was selected by some committee, and the public could only choose between four or five songs (also selected by the committee, written, on request, by major local composers).  But this year, the public will also get to vote on the singer. Yeah!  Stuff starts happening soon, with the final selection broadcast on 08 March.  We are hoping to get someone great with a kick-ass song to represent us in Germany.

Meanwhile, Eurovision Times listed the public’s choice of the Worst Eurovision Songs of all times. Several of my sister’s favorites are listed here (specifically numbers 10 and 11).  Actually, I thought that Dancing Lasha Tambai was hysterical and way better than some of the bland pop songs.  Hmmm…

Meanwhile, a new Avodah? Labor party internal explosion, with Barak leaving (along with Vilnai and two others), may be a Really Good Thing. If Yehimovitch can pull things together, we may have a rejuvinated Avodah, getting back to the good ‘ol labor ideals that helped found this nation.

Even geeks get sentimental: IBM puts out this fab video to celebrate 100 years of social and technological innovation.  RISC! System 36!  Punch cards! Fortran! Makes me weep with nostalgia.

4 responses to “Will 2011 Be Our Year?

  1. That certainly was a terrific video.

    I’m afraid my viewing of it–especially the parts relating to the years 1933 through 1945, and the noble quote from Thomas Watson Sr about how the world’s problems could be solved by “thinking”–was somewhat tainted by having read IBM and the Holocaust. Edwin Black’s book documents how Watson, with eyes wide open, supplied the Nazis with the machines that let them process data fast enough to identify Jews in the countries they occupied. In other words, the Nazis would still have sent Jews to the killing camps without IBM’s help, but nowhere near as many .

  2. Holy crap on a stick! Didn’t realize that. Shouldn’t surprise me, though. Seems like many of America’s great industrialists were pretty darn anti-Semitic. Hmmm.

  3. I actually worked on the first System/36 in Israel that was installed outside IBM!!

  4. Leah, thanks for showing me the link to the IBM video. It’s interesting…and now that I know about the book cba cites, I’ll do a little research. Unfortunately, too many people did unspeakable things in WWII to help the Nazis…it’s a time I hope no one ever forgets….sadly some similar (yet never as organized) genocides have happened since. I wonder about us humans…but continue to believe we are more good than evil.

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