Monthly Archives: December 2010

Bracing for Winter

Winter is here! A bit of rain teased us earlier in the week, but then it was back to sunny weather. But on Friday afternoon, the clouds rolled in and the heavy rain began at night.  We’ve had lovely thunder and lightening and rain most of the day.  Terri managed to get absolutely filthy on our walk (she not only got covered in mud, she also managed to roll in something decidedly dead and stinky).  Two baths later, she still pongs something dreadful.  Maybe it is time to get some tomato juice and try that old remedy.

Take the shoe survey, please! Ladies, I need your help.  Please take this very short survey as I (quite unscientifically) attempt to chart some basic data about western women and our love of shoes.  Please help!   

Fire Watch

The Big Blaze: The fire that started in the Carmel Forest next to Haifa on Thursday is still burning out of control, with no hope for containment today. We’ve had firefighters from Greece and Bulgaria, with other help from Turkey, the US, and more… Ultra dry conditions and high winds have turned this into a nightmare. Death toll is at 41 right now.  Ein Hod (entire village) is destroyed; thousands evacuated. Additional fires have broken out in the Kriyot, Ma’alot, and elsewhere.  Arson suspected. If you are interested in following the news feed, Ynet has their English version feed at

Honoring the Good: William Cooper is honored at Yad V’shem.  Hat tip to my mom.

Rebuking the Idiots: The answer to the question, “Can you be an anti-Semite and still be a symbol of diversity?” is NO!  Glad that Wayne State recognizes Helen Thomas for the bigot that she is.