A Tuscan Trip: a few more pictures

The obligatory postcards: These are the ones that you just can’t capture with a silly little phone camera.  (Yes, all the rest of the pictures from the trip were taken with my trusty Nokia E71, which is all I take on trips anymore. No separate music player, camera, calendar, etc.  I have a translation app, a flashlight app, and even an ebook reader on this thing!  Love it!)

Still, the little cheesy camera just can’t get those big, grand shots.  Plus I forgot to take it on the day we were in Firenze (Florence)!  I’m not too proud to scan a few postcards!  These are not my shots and I do not claim to own the copyright. Here’s that magic shot of the Ponte Vecchio reaching across the Arno.

Here’s what the front of the Duomo looks like:

And here’s the shot showing the tower and the dome:

And another shot showing the some of the city:

And a final lovely view of the Tuscan hillsides:


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