Hardware Wars

Why do these things always come in clumps?  My computer has been making terrible noises, leading me to suspect that the hard drive is on its way out.  But then it started crashing at odd times, giving me the Blue Screen of Death.  The final death was (dafka) when my dad attempted his very first Skype call to me.  The video card died in a rather spectacular manner and I couldn’t even reboot.

So off I trot to my trusty techie guy, who yanks the card, cleans out the accumulated dust, and tests it sans-video card.  Works OK, so I schlep it back home, hook it up, and get those dreaded BIOS error beeps (and no boot-up).  So it’s over to the laptop for some quick research in beep patterns.  Hmmm.  Why would it work there and not here?  Could it be that something got loosened in the car ride?  Let’s yank the top off and take a squint…

I poke and prod around in there a big, wiggle things, check that the SIMs are set properly, wonder why the hell I have a firewire card (and doesn’t that tell you how old my computer is?), cross my fingers, and try to boot.  Oh, lovely.  We have lift-off, but now the keyboard is fried.  Time to root around in the closet for the  spare keyboard…  So there are a cables running all over, and I haven’t fully assembled everything again, but it works.  I feel absurdly pleased with myself, as if I have outwitted some evil mastermind.


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