Say What?

Ironic bread: Davidovitch Bakeries is nice enough to print this lovely little nutrition pyramid on their bread label…

For those of you who don’t read Hebrew, the base of the pyramid, above “daily physical exercise,” specifies “products from whole wheat.”  Of course, this is on a package of white bread.  (Don’t be fooled; קמה חיטה כהה is not whole wheat flour, just white flour with about two microns of bran left in!)  So we have to assume that to follow this healthy Mediterranean diet, we can’t eat Davidovitch bread.  Oh, the irony. 

Don’t rely on your spell-checker (yet again): From a mobile phone app site.

Ahmed from Namibia, using a Samsung s8300
August 6, 2009
i was very disappointed with this version 3. when i installed Ht on my s8300 it overwrought my standard google map and now the accuracy is far off. version 3 is absolutely Crap. the older versions were better.

Damn.  Don’t you hate those overwrought apps?


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