Low-tech Adrenaline Rush

Gee, that’s not a beetle…  I was just about to put on my running shoes when I spotted a big black bug hiding behind them.  “Get the bug!” I told Terri, and she trotted forward to inspect it. Then I noticed that this was not a beetle or a juke, but a scorpion.  Yup.  Four floors up and still a scorpion managed to get into my apartment.  I body-checked Terri out of the way and stomped on the sucker. Yech!


3 responses to “Low-tech Adrenaline Rush

  1. You are so brave!

  2. I’m not afraid of bugs, plus I was in full-blown maternal instinct mode! Amazing what we’ll do for our kids (even the four-legged, furry kind).

  3. W-H-O-A

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