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You Can’t Say That in Korean!

Blind editing, anyone?  Every once in a while, a client needs you to tackle a project that is completely off the wall. This is a great client and I’m not too proud to do annoying grunt work, so I spent a wild few weeks editing books (FrameMaker source) in 18 different languages.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t trying to rewrite anything in languages I don’t understand, but I did have to find and remove a few things, fix references to GUI elements that had changed, etc. When the Korean version got completely corrupted and all the fonts turned into question marks, I spent a nerve-wracking day updating tags to the correct fonts.  Product manager across the hall said, “I like it when you are here, because I learn so many new swear words in English!”  Yup.  Nothing like having FrameMaker crash after a sweaty, hair-raising edit session, to make you really stretch your naughty vocabulary.   

More attack cats: Terri and I had two more run-ins with feral kitties this week. One we managed to get past (although Terri got scratched), but the other was so completely psycho that we turned around and made a huge detour to avoid it.  It is astonishing that a little thing like that, probably barely three kilos, could hold off a dog and an adult human.  Scary kitty!  There was no way to assure her that we weren’t going to harm her kittens.

Hot, hot, hot: The heat wave of last week finally broke, but it is still hot and abnormally humid.  If you turn the AC off, the room instantly turns into a sauna.  The heat has also brought out the bugs, so each morning I have to look around the house for all the various gate-crashers who showed up during the night.  So far, we’ve had a few giant spiders (don’t ask me what kind), a scorpion, two lizards, and several giant mutant cockroaches.  Terri has been pretty useless at patrolling the apartment for these critters, but after our run-in with the scorpion, I decided that was a good thing!

Headline of the Day

From Ynet:

Low-tech Adrenaline Rush

Gee, that’s not a beetle…  I was just about to put on my running shoes when I spotted a big black bug hiding behind them.  “Get the bug!” I told Terri, and she trotted forward to inspect it. Then I noticed that this was not a beetle or a juke, but a scorpion.  Yup.  Four floors up and still a scorpion managed to get into my apartment.  I body-checked Terri out of the way and stomped on the sucker. Yech!

TC vs. Fiction

Too many frustrated authors: I keep telling my TC students that fiction is not compatible with TC writing.  Doesn’t stop them, though. Doesn’t make correcting the homework any more fun, either! 

Seems like there are a lot of English teachers who also long to be authors.  Some of them, including my talented nephew, actually make it.  Here’s his latest.

Happy birthday, Angel Dog!

Miss Terri turns three: Poor doggy had a day home alone while I slog back and forth to a client site.  But I got home in time to walk her past the pet store, where she picked out a new bouncy ball and some treats. After dinner, ice cream!