Memory and Multitasking

More scary data: We only think that we are good at multitasking!  This article explains the latest data and has a link at the end for a test.  This applies to all of us, and it underscores our worries about the long-term effects of computer use. Very humbling, indeed.

Nice try, USA: The US is now out of the World Cup. Many of us felt that the refs were turning a blind eye to some of the fouls by Guana, while being awfully free with yellow cards for the US.  Hmmm. Linguistic trivia: rather than translate world cup (which would come out something like g’viat olami), Israel uses the French mondial to refer to this event.


One response to “Memory and Multitasking

  1. Great minds think alike. I also blogged about multitasking recently:
    In Hebrew they do use משחקי גביע העולם בכדורגל, but Mundial (not Mondial) is shorter. I think they use the Spanish word for it.

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