The Science of Happiness

From Harvard, no less: Very cool stuffHat tip to my mom.

Hell cat: Terri can’t stop herself from chasing cats.  The instinct is so hard-wired that virtually no amount of training can overcome it. However, she seems to consider cats some sort of super fun outdoor toy: she gets into a play mode, bouncing, barking, wagging her tail, and generally having a grand old time.  I have never seen her actually try to do anything to a cat, other than chase it.  On our walk this morning, she barked happily at a little black kitten.  The kitten held its ground, hissing.  Terri was perfectly happy to bounce around in front of the kitten, barking.  No harm, no foul.

However, on our way back home, Terri stuck her nose into a bush, and a little calico cat flew out after her, spitting, hissing, and scratching. Not only did she attack Terri, but she would not stop attacking.  She attached itself to Terri’s head, biting and scratching.  I tried to pull Terri away, and the cat attacked me.  I was finally forced to kick her (I’ve never before kicked a cat or a dog in my life!), giving me time to scoop Terri up in my arms and get away.  Terri was scratched and bleeding around the nose and mouth. I ended up with ripped pants and a bleeding leg!  What a hell cat! I have to assume that the cat had a litter of kittens under that bush, and was desperately trying to defend them.


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