Mop-up in the Med

Welcome to the clusterf*ck: Commandos attempting to land on one of the ships were attacked, opened fire, and ended up killing ten people. Confused? In a nutshell:

  1. We imposed a sea blockade of Gaza to attempt to stop the huge influx of weapons (aid to Hamas in their ongoing attacks launched from Gaza).
  2. We kept the supply of humanitarian aid (food, medicine, etc.) going through the land checkposts (via truck, etc.).
  3. A group of international activists (mostly Arab PA supporters) headed towards Gaza in a flotilla of boats, including a refitted cruise ship.
  4. Israeli Navy warns flotilla to turn back.
  5. A dawn raid with a small group commandos (rappelling down from a helicopter) was supposed to give us control of a ship and turn it back.
  6. The commandos came under attack (knives, lead pipes, etc.) from a large crowd on the ship.
  7. Our guys opened fire, killing ten.
  8. We towed the ship to Ashdod and brought people to hospitals (Rambam, etc.).
  9. International condemnation and outrage on all sides breaks forth, as can be expected.
  10. Turkey yanks its ambassador to Israel back home.
  11. People here are screaming for Netanyahu to get his butt back here ASAP (he’s currently in Canada and was scheduled to meet with Obama in another day or so). 

So, basically, another screwed up operation that will  further vilify us (if that is possible) to the world.  The big mistake seems to be that we didn’t wait until the ship was in our water; since the operation was launched while the flotilla was still in international waters, this is already turning into a major anti-Israel PR clusterf*ck. Damn.

Organic cows unite! Love the interrogation. Hat tip to my mom. 

A little herring, anyone? I hope that the Eurovision grand final in Oslo didn’t disturb this little darling. Hat tip to Central LS.

Lovely Lena: German strolls away with Eurovision. While Lena was one of the bookies’ favorites to win, Eurovision remains a gloriously bizarre crap shoot, so that any friggin’ song can win any year. Styles that do well one year are suddenly at the bottom the next; singers who are wretched get points over better singers; countries continue to show blatant favoritism by voting  for their neighbors, despite how horrific the entries may be (you have only to witness Portugal voting for Spain, or Greece voting for Cyprus; check out the full scoreboard here). As usual, the purposefully funny or satiric entries are way less entertaining than the supposedly serious ones. Unfortunately for all of us, the Eastern European and former Soviet Union bloc countries are getting much slicker and more professional, so there are not as many car wrecks on stage. I’m happy to say that Israel gave our douze points to Armenia, which was pretty good, but I was appalled that we gave ten points to Russia. You can still watch whatever you missed (Eurovision TV fixed their streaming feed, plus they have all the shows available to watch). You can also read all the juicy news, including the humiliation in the UK over ending up in last place (richly deserved, IMO).

Lena’s performance was significant in that there was not a sequin to be seen, no wild dancers, no pyrotechnics; just a fresh kid singing a fun and funky song. It helps that Lena can sing in English without sounding fake or awkward, unlike many of the participants who should stick to their native languages.


2 responses to “Mop-up in the Med

  1. I’ve had enough of spin doctors to last me a lifetime. :/

    In other news, did you see Israeli grand slam in the Marcel Bezençon Awards Eurovision Song Contest ?

  2. “The big mistake seems to be that we didn’t wait until the ship was in our water”

    I hate to break it to you, but it would have been a “major anti-Israel PR clusterf*ck” no matter where it took place. Israel was in a no-win situation with this thing.

    At least the IDF has released some videos showing the “peace activists” attacking the soldiers as they landed on the boat, as well as one showing the Israeli Navy hailing the boat and telling them to to to Ashdod (they refused and declared they were continuing to Gaza).

    The dedicated Israel-haters won’t be convinced, but maybe some neutral folk will be less seduced than they otherwise would be by the anti-Israel propaganda.

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