Where’s Winter?

Hot again! Well, our winter cold spell sure didn’t last long. While much of Europe and the US’s eastern seaboard are still shrouded in snow and ice, we’re basking in very warm spring temps. We’ve gone from space heaters to fans in two days. 

The warm weather means that the jackals have been ousted from the park; the loud teenagers are back. (I prefer the jackals…) The hedgehogs are out at night, en force,  as they rummage for grubs. Terri adores them. She barks happily and pounces back and forth. The hedgehogs always tuck their heads in (we often can’t tell one end from the other), vibrate angrily, hiss, and shake their quills at her.  The other night, Terri was so joyous at the sight of the first spring hedgehog that she peed on it.

The hedgehog was probably annoyed, but no real harm done. Unfortunately, these sea lions near Seattle didn’t do so well.


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