The Big Bird

Maiden flight success: Having grown up in Seattle, I’m always thrilled by the big birds that come out of Boeing. The new 747-8 takes to the skies.

Real men don’t touch type: At least that is what my friend DW reports, according to some startled mizrachi dudes sitting at the next table. DW is typing away, Skype texting me from his laptop, while sitting in a WiFi-friendly café in his area. The dudes (heavily weighed down with gold chains) are postulating vigorously that men should not type.  Sheesh. Talk about the shallow end of the gene pool…

Don’t complain about rude Israelis: At least not until you read this wicked blog post about the French concept of service.

Feeling nostalgic lately? Came across this gorgeous shot of James Dean, circa 195x. Coffee never looked so good.  Photo credit unknown.


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