Weather Watch

Sunny but cold: I’m so bundled up on last night’s walk that I can barely waddle.  Terri, who refuses to wear anything on her walks, seems quite happy to stand in the icy wind and delicately sniff the shrubbery.  We overtake a group of Russians who are strolling along with no hats, scarves, or gloves.  I suppose that if you grew up in Siberia, this must seem laughably balmy. And compared to the mid-Atlantic blizzard, we are enjoying pleasantly mild weather.

I am amazed at the number of photos showing people standing in the snow, sans hats or gloves. Even when I was young, I got miserably cold in my hands.  Best picture, IMO, goes to Casey Connelly who submitted this snow-encrusted Shnauzer.  I wonder what Terri would do…


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