Soggy Doggy!

Torrential rain: Heavy downpours make things wet and miserable up here in the north, but Karmiel is very hilly and there isn’t much risk of flooding.  In the Negev, however, roads turned into rivers, wadis flooded, and several cars were swept away.  IDF performed a daring rescue of several people stuck in a truck and in a private car (one person still died, unfortunately). To put this in perspective, by noon on Monday, Eilat had already had three times its annual rainfall.  That’s wet!

Terri and I get caught in the rain on all our walks; our evening walk is fine until we are (dafka) furthest away from home. Then the skies open up and we have to trudge back through the storm. I’m well dressed in sturdy rain gear (that’s my Seattle roots showing through!), but my poor doggy was drenched and sad.


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