A Glimpse into Hell

Haiti: Situation goes from grim to pure hell on earth.  We’ve upped the amount of aid and personnel on the ground, but it looks like the death toll may go way higher than anyone first anticipated.

Techno-terrorism: More hacks from Turkey.  While the Turks yell bloody murder over being having their ambassador “snubbed” (causing a lot of silly wasted time and two separate appologies on our part), hackers in Turkey are targeting more and more Israeli websites.  My former client WORDS had its site hacked.  Now Jersulem Online gets hacked, and their main page is filled with anti-Israel crap. It is being sorted out, but this kind of attack is such a pain in the butt.

Serendipity: The NY Times runs this article on the amazing hi-tech productivity in Israel. Hat tip to sister Tracy. Just yesterday I received the printers’ proofs of the cover of the TC book to which I’m a contributing author, and my chapter talks about this very thing!  Don’t expect this book, put out by Baywood Publishers, to make it to your local book store.  Heck, I’ll be amazed if more than 100 people ever read it, but… 


3 responses to “A Glimpse into Hell

  1. Mazal tov on the book! Another family member joins the ranks of the published!

  2. The Jewish Chronicle (Britain’s main Jewish newspaper) got hacked too.

  3. …but blogging about the book helps


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