Earthquake Watch

Sending a hospital: We’re shipping a field hospital and 120 medical personnel to Haiti. Meanwhile, the pundits are asking when we will have the Next Big One, as the last really destructive earthquake here was in 1927.  I recall a few small ones, mostly doing damage in Akko and Eilat, but everyone agrees that we are a) due for a big one and b) woefully unprepared.

Your duh moment of the day: Guma is gaga.  Like they needed to do a psych eval to figure that out?  This is the knucklehead who claims to have met Shalit in Gaza.  Sheesh, the guy backs Beitar, for cryin’ out loud.

Barkfest for two: The normally non-vocal girl goes nuts this morning, barking hysterically at some mystery threat that only she can see.  I join her on the balcony, but don’t see anything.  For ten minutes, she is on edge and clearly fixated on something out there.  Ghosts?  Invisible kitties?  Who knows.

You think that you live in an old building?  New find in TA.  Can you imagine being on that va’ad bayit?


One response to “Earthquake Watch

  1. Interesting article about the archeological finding. Important question: is the hippopotamus kosher?

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