Call in the CSI Team

Blood spatter in the AM:  No, it isn’t a crime scene, but the results of a very energetic doggie who thinks that she can run with the big dogs and climb rocks to get at the hyrax, chase cats, and otherwise push herself to the extreme.  We come home from our morning walk and soon the apartment floor is sporting a new red pattern.  The Girl has cut one of the pads on her feet, and is bleeding.  It is just enough blood to leave a little spot with each footstep.  The cut is clean and will mend on its own, but it is going to take forever to clean up the mess.  Three hours later, I’m still finding little dots of blood.

My new self-help guru: Bob Newhart’s two words to change your life.

Yet more proof that dogs have less dignity than cats: A ballerina pug and a salsa LabradorHat tip to SG.


One response to “Call in the CSI Team

  1. Keep a little tin of styptic powder in the house. It’s the powdered version of the styptic pencil guys use for shaving cuts, and is sold at any pet store. Just dip the paw in the stuff. It stings momentarily, but stops the bleeding instantly.


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