Serendipity to the Rescue

Justice is best served up by an angry mom:  My fellow apartment owners in this building have not been able to deal with the one crazy guy who is making problems for all of us.  He has been violent, he has broken things, stolen things, sabotaged the elevator, and generally make things unpleasant.  The police can’t do anything (we can’t prove that it is him even though we all know).  The minahelet tarbut hadiyur (city position that provides mediation and legal services for tenants and homeowners) was not sympathetic.  She had, after all, worked with the wife of CG (Crazy Guy), and didn’t believe that he could be such a bad person. 

Well, the electrician we called out to fix some of the latest sabotage was actually attacked by CG.  A few of my cohorts troop out to the police and file yet another complaint.  But what we don’t know is that the electrician is the son of minhalet, Miki.  And now Miki not only believes us, but she is pissed off.  She’s a big woman, with a big voice, and the weight of City Hall behind her, and now she’s on a mission.  CG messed with the wrong person! 

Winter sunshine: We have been enjoying a break from the rain. The weather is gorgeous, so I take advantage of the sunshine this morning with an extra long walk.  Terri and I explore the walking path that extends down the other side of the wadi.  Terri gets to chase birds, a few hyrax, and generally have a blast.  Everything is green and sparkling, though under the bushes it is still quite wet and muddy (as I discover when Terri joyously prances up to me and plants her paws on my pants). 

Holiday greetings: Best wishes to all my Christian readers.  It is quite easy to forget about Christmas here, but they mentioned it on the news when listing the shekel rate (because banks in the US are closed).  Reminds me of the time I sat in a meeting with clients, and we tried for ten minutes to contact the offices in the US.  Couldn’t figure out why no one was answering, until someone asked, “Isn’t 25 December a holiday or something?”


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