Another Birthday

Friends don’t let friends blog drunk:  Oi, the joys of sushi and sake.  Last night’s birthday bash is great, with too much food, lots of laughter (despite discussions of how bad the next attacks from Lebanon will be), and a great haul of presents. 

Here we are at Bon Sai Sushi:
at Bon Sai Sushi

Janet and Renee share a blonde moment:

Someone call the SPCA: God knows that my dog would never support poel yerushalayim!  She’s a Macabbi dog! But it is cold in the house, and that is her most comfortable track suit.  I’m sure that this is illegal somewhere.

Hanukkah s’meach!  Happy Hanukkah to everyone.  I dispensed with the greasy soufgani’ot this year and ate various mysterious fried things last night.  I figure that takes care of my obligation to eat fried food for the season.  Blech.


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  1. Mazal tov!

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