Home Again

Where has the week gone?  I arrived back in Israel last Friday (stumbling home in the middle of the night).  Long, boring, uneventful flights.  Uneventful, long, boring layovers. The trip left me sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, but, as many people have pointed out, “uneventful” is the best you can hope for in travel adjectives these days.

A few trip highlights:

  • Seeing family, of course.
  • Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “mixed grill” performance, which included The Seasons, Petit Mort, and West Side Story Suite (Seattle). 
  • The Amelia Earhart exhibit at the Museum of Flight (Seattle).
  • The samurai exhibit at the Met (NYC).
  • Circumcise Me: Yisroel Cambell’s one-man show (NYC).
  • Eating at that crazy Indian restaurant with my nephew (Washington, DC).
  • Getting clobbered at cribbage by my dad and Dr. Shuman.
  • Long walks in the rain (various).
  • Doing the Market (Pike Place Market) with my dad and having a few of the old-timers recognize him (Seattle).
  • Visiting the renovated Eldridge Street Shul (NYC).
  • Eating in a hole-in-the-wall place in Chinatown with my sister (NYC).
  • Visiting the very active Puget Sound chapter of STC (Bellevue).

There’s lots more, including a sad visit to Denise’s grave, but there is no doubt that I returned with more memories than things.

Terri is thrilled that I am home, but has already lost her new ball (ran off with it on this morning’s walk and dropped it somewhere in the bushes).  She was in a rush to run away long enough to scarf up some illicit chicken bones from the garbage. Five minutes later, she is begging me to throw the nonexistent ball.  I guess dogs are not known for having great memory.

BTW, Terri scores a photo on the STC blog.  Since I was on the road when I wrote it and had limited photos on my laptop, it isn’t a great photo, but still, no one else blogged about their pet!  Ha!


One response to “Home Again

  1. You are right about the photo, but I loved the ‘trading up’ bit.

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