A Final Flurry

It’s been an intense week or two: Getting ready for another trip happened to overlap with two major project deadlines, not to mention three ongoing courses.  Yikes.

Remembered Rabin: It has been 14 years since Rabin was assassinated. I was in Tel Aviv over the weekend and passed by kikar rabin as they were setting up for the ceremony.

Flowers and cards:


A small concert under the stairs next to Rabin’s memorial:

The big stage (the sign reads, “Yes to peace, no to violence.”

Typo of the day: Spotted in the window of a clothing store near Ben Yehuda.


Unexpected acts of kindness: The trains were not running, forcing me to shlepp to Rambam on two busses. Ugh. But I watched a young woman soldier give her seat to an old man, and later watched another soldier give his seat to an elderly Arab woman.

Is that a taxi or a plane?  The lack of train service also forced me to take a shared taxi to the airport. Normally, if you drive from Karmiel in the middle of the night, it takes two hours to get to the airport (at least if I drive!). This guy picked me up at 2:20, cut east to Akko and picked up another passenger, and then down the Kriyot for the third and final passenger. He cut over to kvish shesh (Route 6) and, hand to God, was at the airport by 4:00.  Holy crap.  I tipped him just for getting us there alive.


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