Schedule from Hell

If I’m not working, I must be lying down:  It has been a crazy few weeks.  I started feeling blah during the chaggim, and although it never really developed into a full-blown flu or whatever, it never really went away, either.  I was dragging myself around like a half-dead zombie (wait, aren’t zombies already dead?).  Timing couldn’t have been worse: last Monday I started two courses on the same day, which is exhausting at the best of times.  Friday’s class in Tel Aviv saw me feeling horrible.   (Maybe I should say that if I’m not lying down, I must be teaching!) By the time I dragged myself to the doctor, I was already feeling better.  That’s the downside of waiting for an appointment—you are already better or else you have died by the time it rolls around.

Meanwhile, the local news has been so depressing, I cringe every time I pick up a newspaper or turn on the radio.  The carnage on the roads continues with yet another gruesome accident in my general area (a truck trying to pass and smashing into a private car, near an intersection that I often pass).  The mass murder of an entire family in Rishon (three generations, including an infant and a toddler, wiped out in what appears to be a Russian mafia hit) has the whole country in shock.  Barak’s abuse of public funds barely had time to make the news before it was drowned out by the Goldstone Report and Turkey’s outrageous actions (no worries, the Italians are happy to work with us).  Basically, things seem to be grim and depressing on all fronts.

How do we keep our collective chins up?  I don’t know about you, but here are some of my sanity-savers:

  • My hairy mutt.  Terri continues to do her duty by making me laugh.  Her latest trick is bringing her squeaky hedgehog onto the bed and gnawing it while wriggling in ecstasy.
  • Wasabi peas.  Oh, lord, they hurt taste so good.  (Clear the sinuses, too.  Add a cold beer and you have a little slice of heaven.)
  • Running.
  • Vintage TV shows.

What’s your survival technique?


2 responses to “Schedule from Hell

  1. Ach-hope you continue to feel better.

    Wasabi peas? You must introduce those to me one day, or if not, at least a beer. 🙂

    My survival technique? Photography!

  2. A hot bath, a large glass of scotch and a good book. Preferably all at once.

    Feel better!!

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