Surviving the Chaggim

Not as easy as you may think: With the end of Simchat Torah, we are officially through the marathon holiday slog that started with Rosh Hashana.  I don’t know if they’re putting something in the water, but this was a very violent Sukkot.  in addition to the usual road accidents, there was a lot of violence in Jerusalem with lots of injuries.  Shootings, knifings, rock-throwing, you name it.  And not all of it was what you would expect (Palestinians vs. Israeli).  There was plenty of violence on the home front, with a kid stabbing his little sister, and adult son stabbing his mother and brother, fights and shootings at night clubs… It seemed that every time I turned on the radio, there was something else.

Karmiel is quiet and peaceful, though Terri seemed to pick up on this wave of violence and go nuts on our walks, chasing birds, cats, hyrax, her ball, other dogs… She ate goat poo, rolled in something stinky, and argued with Snoopy (a usually mild-mannered dalmation).  She always managed to calm down with small children, however, becoming instantly calm and passive and allowing herself to be mauled by those grubby little hands.

The sukkah roof collapsed after the first rain, but at least I had managed to have one dinner out there. 

Onward, courses!  Today I started two new course (yes, on the same day!).  The morning saw me trudging out at 6:00, bleary-eyed and cranky, to get to Rambam for a new course in medical writing.  Highlight of the session: a cardiologist who wrote that a procedure was to be performed “once anally.”  For the heart?  Yes, says he, once a year.  Ah.  Anually.  Mystery solved to great rejoicing.  The second course today was the first session of an online certificate course that I’m teaching for STC.  A few technical snags, but otherwise OK.  I usually greatly prefer frontal teaching where I can see and interact with participants, but there are a few advantages to online courses, such as being able to wear PJs.


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