Hard Choices

Want to live longer? Y’all know the drill: eat less and exercise more.  (Or, as one friend quipped, it may just seem as if you are living longer!)  But despite knowing that we should put down the junk food and get our fat butts up off the sofa, we remain fat and lazy.  And the glut of information doesn’t always help.  For example:

…and the list goes on.  Milk and dairy products.  Meat.  Butter.  Wheat.  Jogging.  You name it, it has been both praised and pilloried by the scientific community.  What’s an info-consumer to do?

Personally, I think we all rationally understand that our bodies were meant to consume things closer to whole (unprocessed) foods, and that we were meant to move and exercise.  If anything, the French Paradox reinforces this, as the typical slim Parisian may eat saturated fats, drink wine and coffee, and even indulge in pastries, but all in moderation (portion size is tiny compared to that of the US).  And mostly, they walk.  A lot.

Nu?  What do you think?


One response to “Hard Choices

  1. Eat 5 modest meals a day. After 40 decrease carbs and fats. Build 3 physical exercise sessions per week into your routine. Do something for the soul (arts, friends, whatever). Avoid stress (easier said than done).

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