Everybody Gets the Blues

Even doggies feel sad: No date, no wag.  Or so their owners think.  The solution?  Match-making for dogs… Terri has no such trouble.  As a happily spayed mutt, she has oodles of boyfriends: Sushi, Archie, Gur, Bikey, Crocs…  Hat tip to Tracy.

Even celebs feel sad: Especially when they are in jail after ordering hits on the broadcast management responsible for canceling their shows.  Dudu Topaz’s suicide was a real waste.  The King of Entertainment had already tried to off himself while in lockdown, but this time he succeeded.  I was never a fan of Topaz, who sought out the lowest common denominator and then continued to dig to reach truly sub-moron levels.  His comedy was course, his talk shows were shmaltzy and maudlin, and he embodied everything he touched with an air of tackiness that set my teeth on edge.  Every time I heard him holler, “PEER-SO-MOT” I wanted to scream.  However, it is shocking to see someone who was so much a part of Israeli culture fall so far.

Even YouTube searches make us sad: Checking to see if anyone else had uploaded a video of Denise, I stumbled on the GazettE, a Japanese glam punk band.  (I suspect that ‘guren’ is a phonetic transliteration of something in Japanese.)  All I know is that Denise would have loathed these strange boys (yes, they are all guys!) and their music (one of their hits is called “Agony and Maggots”).  The boys seem to combine goth, punk, glam rock, and kabuki.  Both disturbing and very funny as the lead singer licks the microphone and the bass player sports a huge band-aid across his face.  I can just imagine the acid remarks Denise would have made about this odd cultural phenomenon.

Speaking of Denise and YouTube, I’ve updated her site and the YouTube video (for those of you who can’t view the video on the main site) is collecting hits.


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