Butter Dog

It’s better with butter: We make our annual visit to the vet for a checkup and vaccinations.  There is much bureaucratic red tape before-hand, as I dash all over getting the city dog license form stamped.  (For some reason, I never got the official form this year—probably lost in the move.)  Terri behaves quite nicely, though she trembles as Dr. Ofer checks her out, and yelps when she gets one of the shots. 

Part of the annual tipul is half of a gigantic worming tablet.  In the past, I have put a bit of butter around the pill and conned Terri into swallowing it like a treat.  But this time, I miscalculate the heat, and the butter is too melted to work with.  I end up with butter all over; Terri licks it off, but rejects the pill.  Not wanting this to escalate into a long battle, I grab Terri, pry her mouth open, and toss the pill down before she knows what’s happening.  Mission accomplished, but in the process, I have well and truly coated my dog with butter, and it is this very buttered dog that crawls into bed with me a few hours later.  I am haunted with dreams of popcorn.

It’s better with bombast: Or at least that is what Bibi seems to think.  More saber-rattling as we take a gigantic step back in the peace process.  On the flip side, he’s making noises about resuming talks for Gilad Shalit.

It’s better than a kick in the head: There isn’t much good news these days, between the budget crisis, corruption charges, the Haredi riots in Jerusalem, the body-in-a-dumpster case in exclusive Ramat Gan, and the lack of progress on finding the assailant in last week’s attack on the Tel Aviv Gay support center, so finding a missing teenage hiker is cause for celebration.  That and Kiryat Yam’s mermaid (though I wish they would leave her alone)…

It’s better than bunnies: Hyrax, that is.  The shefan selah are out and doing their thing on the rocks in the wadi.  Terri finds them fascinating, and still scrambles up the rocks in a futile attempt to catch them.  But she is learning; more often than not, she just stands there and stares at them for a few minutes before resuming her walk.


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