More Train Trauma

Jam-packed trains: Monday sees me down in Tel Aviv teaching a workshop at a client site.  Going down is not a problem; snagging a taxi from the train station proves to be the real challenge.  I finally get creative and leave the taxi stand, commandeering a taxi as the driver lets a passenger off on the other side of the street.  Sneeky me.  But I get to my client in time and everything is fine.

Coming home is another story.  The train is already packed when it reaches the University station.  I end up standing for about 20 minutes until a young soldier takes pity on me and gives me his seat.  In the next seat over is an older man who appears to have been pickled in vodka.  He may not be drunk at the moment, but the fumes coming off of him are enough to make my eyes water.  He is carrying on a conversation in Russian and gesturing emphatically.  He almost whacks he in the face a few times.

We are halfway to Haifa when the AC packs in.  I’m already exhausted, both physically and mentally, and now I have a headache and nausea to boot.  By the time I get home, I’m a wreck.  I spend the next two days in bed, feeling miserable.  I drag myself out to walk Terri and the crawl back to bed.  Terri tries to make me feel better by licking my toes, lying across my stomach, and finally bringing me her stuffed monkey.

Further proof that people are clueless: The Brits do a big study to prove that organic fruits and vegetables are not more nutritious than non-0rganic.  What?!  Who in the world buys organic to get more vitamins?!  We buy it to get less pesticides and toxins!  That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!  I can see it now: a new study proving that doing crossword puzzles does not improve your hamstring flexibility.


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