Aroma Ettiquette

Go easy with the aftershave, dude! Yesterday’s train ride to and from Tel Aviv leaves me pondering the odd cultural norms that make it seemingly acceptable for someone to be in a crowded public place while smelling like a goat, or to be drenched in some gag-making perfume.  The hygiene-challenged are not fun to be around, but someone’s BO doesn’t usually send people to the hospital.

Yes, it is hot.  Yes, we are all sweating and miserable.  But make an effort!

Speaking of hot: It hit 103F in Seattle and 104F (40C) in Portland, Oregon (two cities known for the cool weather).  New records and just more signs of the extreme weather brought on by global warming.  While we often have temps that high and higher in parts of Israel, we are a bit more equipped for it.  (Of course, when the train’s AC fails, you sit on the tracks without moving for half an hour, and the window shade next to you won’t pull down to block out the sun, well… let’s say that you wish for 40C!)


One response to “Aroma Ettiquette

  1. While in the seminar, I was wondering if you have website/blog and… there you go! We appear to have a mutual connection at LinkedIn (Lisa), which is where I learnt of your blog.

    Hope our group was smelling okay yesterday ;).

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