There’s a Dog on My Pillow

Why bother with the special doggy bed? Terri only uses it during the day.  At night, my bed becomes her bed, and she has taken to hogging more and more of the pillow.  Nothing like opening your eyes and finding a doggy nose two centimeters away.  That’s a convenient distance for her, because she can give me kisses without having to move.

No matter how hot it is, she wants to mush up against me.

Curb your hedgehog: The critters are out all over at night!  We see three in just five minutes.  Terri is fascinated and tries to sniff them; I just know that she’s going to end up with a snout full of spines one of these days.  And this morning we catch a hyrax on the walking path.  Terri takes off in wild persuit, but those things can move.  Believe me, they may look like fat little lumps, but they can really zoom!


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