Blog on the Run

Yikes!  She’s back!  Well, I wasn’t really gone, but I’ve been sooooo busy.  Part of the frenzy is getting my new site,, up and running and seeing about porting the blog to my domain (not so simple, as I can’t use a folder).  Looks like the blog will stay here for the time being.

small full cow transparentMy business site’s oh-so-stylish logo was designed by Noam, one of my talented nephews (I have several).  Hey, it may be a business site, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still have a whiff of cow about it.

The site is still being modified, but you can check it out and let me know what you think!

Adventures with Terri:It has been an action-packed month.  During the week of sitting shiva, Terri and I had several run-ins with jackals.  Last week, we pass an old Bedouin guy with his goats, and he asks if I want to sell Terri, and if she is a very expensive dog.  (Hmmm.  Nice to know that I have something to fall back on if the clients don’t pay!  Also makes a great threat when Miss Dogness decides to be naughty.)  And yes, we had plenty of naughty time this week: Terri climbed down a cliff to eat something (I couldn’t climb down after her to see what it was); she harassed a few hedgehogs and got hissed at for her trouble; she licked a baby and made it cry; she terrorized a large and cowardly dog; she rolled in something stinky; she ate goat poo; she got muddy right after a bath.  Sigh!

Happy birthday, David!  My dad celebrates his birthday today (82).  He’s in better shape than some 42-year-olds I know…  Mazal tov!

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