News of the Day

In case you missed it:  Tattoo freaks beware.  (I want to know how you could sleep during that!)

Teri gets dissed:  At the park this morning, Terri is happily romping with Archie and Snoopy, when some guy comes up and says that he loooooovvvvves German Shepherds and makes a beeline for Archie.  As he passes by, Terri trots up to him, expecting a pat.  The guy reels back in disgust.  “I don’t like those dogs,” he sneers.  When he leaves, Archie’s human sums him up in one word: nuts!

Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, the Sudan, and Hezbullah in the PA territories:   The world is going to heck in a hand basket.  So much bad news, I’ve taken to turning the radio off when the news pips start!


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