A Thousand Walks

Doing the math: well, we aren’t up to 1000 walks together yet, but we are getting there.  Terri came into my life about 11 months ago, and even taking into consideration the times I traveled, that adds up to a heck of a lot of walks.  We’ve been out there in blazing heat, hamsin dust storms, pouring rain, hail, and cold.  We’ve seen sunrises and sunsets.  We’ve seen tons of birds, plenty of other dogs, lots of cats, shefan selah (hyrax), and several jackals.  We’ve seen sunrises and sunsets, smelled sage, jasmine, and lavender, and looked at spectacular views.  I’m looking forward to the next thousand.

And don’t forget the kitties: They can do tricksHat tip to San Diego reader LR.

Missing Denise: A memorial site is up at her local newspaper. Meanwhile, the library where she worked is planning a Denise Guren Memorial Bike Rack.  She would like that!


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