Role Models

Here’s me in 35 years:  Hat tip to my mom.


The daily rant:  Yesterday evening Terri and I are walking along one of the trails that skirt the wadi.  As Terri trots past two women, one of them jumps and yells to her kids, “Look out!  Watch out!  A dog!”  She is clearly terrified of this small, mild-mannered mutt, who is minding her own business and exhibiting every sign of being a happy, well-adjusted dog.  Not only that, but this woman is teaching her kids to be frightened of (and abusive towards) dogs.  Talk about being a shitty role model.  As Terri passes the kids, she slows down and dips her head, showing that she is ready to be patted.  Instead, the kids scream at her and try to kick her.  We get past them and take a different route back, stopping to sit on a bench and have a talk.  I have to explain to the poor dear that she shouldn’t take it personally when dysfunctional morons react that way.  Grrrr!


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