Happy to be Home

Helluva trip:  It was a doozy, alright.  But at least there were no troubles with security, baggage going lost, late or canceled flights, etc.  But coming back, as I board the Atlanta-to-Tel Aviv flight, I discover that my seat (booked ages ago) is the last row on the plane, against a bulkhead (so you can’t lean back) and next to the smelly bathroom.  I want to throttle my travel agent. So I ask one of the flight attendants if there is any chance to move me.  “It is a full flight,” she says doubtfully, but she takes my boarding pass and heads off to see what she can do.  Five minutes later she is back with a new seat assignment for me.  I am ever so grateful, but as I walk back up the plane, I discover with shock that my new seat is in Business Elite.  Unbelievable.  They have a glass of champagne in my hand and a down pillow behind my head before I can even comprehend what has happened.  Turns out that a Silver Medallion status actually means something!  Best upgrade I’ve ever had (and particularly valuable on a 12-hour flight).

I get home to a happy and healthy doggy, and starkly arid landscape.  It was still green when I left.  Each year, I am shocked anew at how quickly we go from spring to summer.  It seems to be in the blink of an eye.


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