L through R

We’re getting there!  We are right in the middle of the entries, working our way through them.

  • Latvia: weird! But they have a Chihuahua in the video, so that’s go to be worth something.
  • Lithuania: bluesy and smooth. 
  • Malta: what is with Malta and fat chics?  You would think their tiny island would sink under all that weight.
  • Moldava: OK, they’ve got my vote.  Half of Israel will vote for a song called Hora Din Moldova.  It this doesn’t make you get up and dance (or at least grin your head off), you’re probably on the wrong meds.
  • Montenegro: hey, wasn’t that a disco song in the 80s?
  • The Netherlands: Oh. My. God.  “Love will make us glow in the dark”????  Well, sure, if you’re humping in Chernobyl.
  • Norway: that kid is going to make a lot of girls start thinking that violin players are hot.  Won’t get anywhere (other than votes from other Scandinavian countries).
  • Poland: pleasantly forgettable.
  • Portugal: another country that isn’t afraid to have a big girl front them.  They’ve had a few diva-sized competitors in the past.
  • Romania: The Balkan Girls are another group that got a lot of press.  They clearly want to be the Spice Girls.  Either that, or it is an advertisement for a slutty escort service (or a cautionary tale about the hazards of eye makeup abuse).
  • Russia: ever since Israel won two years in a row, countries have been leery of too much success.  The costs of hosting Eurovision in this modern security-conscious era can be crippling.  This year’s entry for Russia (last year’s winner and therefore this year’s host) fits the bill: don’t embarrass us, but don’t be a shlagger (home run), either.

Stay tuned for the final nine!


One response to “L through R

  1. Leah,

    You deserve a medal for sitting through all these songs.

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