D through I

And we’re off!  More Eurovision pregame analysis, speculation, and blatant mocking,  If you haven’t checked them out yourself, you can bypass the main Eurovision site and go straight to their media player:

  • Denmark: actually sounds like something that could be get some air play. 
  • Estonia: I’m all for cellos on stage, but what a boring song!  The lead singer wins the Straight Hair Award.
  • Finland: Waldo’s People got a lot of publicity.  They are definitely a fairly slick band with a house-mix beat, but that is one friggin’ disturbing video.
  • France: Say what you will about the French, but they appreciate the charms of a mature woman.  Patricia Kaas is way too classy for this Eurovision trash-fest.  It is a lovely chanteuse number that will (I predict) get totally ignored.
  • FYR Macedonia: guys, the big-hair rockers went out in the 90s, pul-eeze!
  • Germany: love that retro vibe.  Best laser hair removal results on a male chest.  Won’t make it out of the semis.
  • Greece: absolutely no Greek flavor this year.  Damn!  Past few years have been blazing hot.  This is generic bubblegum.
  • Hungary: these fancy videos are always a setup for a bad letdown at the performance; you can’t replicate that Buck Rogers-meets-Gene Kelly feel on the stage.
  • Iceland: instantly forgettable. 
  • Ireland: funky and fresh (and funny).  Great ink on the drummer.
  • Israel: OK, it is growing on me, but it isn’t half the song as last year’s.  Besides, has anyone else noticed that Mira Awad looks suspiciously like Tzipi Livni?

Stay tuned for more!


2 responses to “D through I

  1. “has anyone else noticed that Mira Awad looks suspiciously like Tzipi Livni?”

    OMG, you’re right!!

    I think it’s a pleasant song–not as great as last year, but perfectly reasonable Eurovision material.

  2. hooligan_squirrel

    You also noticed it! I told it to many people and nobody agreed with me…

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