Post-Seder Slump

Haggada-licious:  Once again, we make it through our seder.  Our particular masoret (tradition) is to use an odd assortment of haggadot and to let everyone read in their mother-tongue language.  It means that we hear Hebrew and English, of course, but also Russian, Spanish, German, and sometimes Dutch.  Let me tell you, the ten plagues sound really scary in Russian.  What was missing was a touch of Italian, as we were all thinking of the earthquake victims in Italy.  And yes, as usual, Israel sent aid in the form of medical help and serach and rescue, but do you ever see that in the international press?

After all that lovely food, we’ve got to walk it off!  Terri and I take longer walks over the next few days.  She gets some post-seder play sessions with Crocs, Snoopy, and Archie.  Snoopy’s human, Borris, presents Terri with a golf ball this morning, and she is enthralled.  She carries it in her mouth even while chasing after another ball, and then settles down for a long gnaw.  Hope she doesn’t break a tooth!


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