City Mouse

Country mouse travels to the big city:  I’m in Tel Aviv overnight. Here’s Irinia, the charming Russian tourist I met on the train:


It’s a great little escape.  Tel Aviv is only a few hours from Karmiel, but it is a different world.  The street scenes, the fancy shops, the twinkling fairly lights on Roshchild (in honor of the city’s 100th birthday)… very cosmopolitan and urban.  Even the bathrooms are fancier, with hi-tech hand dryers like this scary think in the Azrieli Center:



Hoover that hametz: The car goes in for a desperately needed wash. The young guys giggled when I told them that they had a special challenge—finding the pretzels that got dropped under the seat.  “Don’t worry,” they laugh, “this is a really strong vaccuum.” 

False alarm:  Having the air raid sirens go off like that is a bit unnerving.  We’ve had several false alarms recently.  There was also a big emergency preparedness drill up north the other day.  Still, it beats the kind of drills they do in Japan.  I hate to say it, but they are going to be in for a shock when a real wild animal escapes!


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