An Odd Vibe

What’s going on?  Seems like the planets are aligned for weirdness. Here’s just a sample:

  • I am having a haircut and someone drops something in the next shop.  Michel jumps and I now have a small bald spot.
  • I am in a shop and one of the saleswomen starts screaming, “Juke! Juke!” (Cockroach, FYI…)  It is a tiny thing, not one of those big monsters.  I ask for some tissue, squish the darn thing, and toss it while the three women continue to flap their hands and squeal.  What’s with that?  Why would someone be afraid of a stupid bug?  It’s not like they are venomous or something.
  • A kid visiting my neighbor wants to play with Terri.  He starts kissing her.  OK, I kiss my dog, but I wouldn’t kiss someone else’s dog.
  • I do my huge pre-Pesach grocery shopping (ouch!) and have it delivered.  They usually enter the address and other info in the computer, but this checkout person starts filling out a form by hand.  When I comment on it, she says, “This is the way we always do it.”  Uh, does that mean that I have hallucinated the other half-dozen times at this same store?
  • I stand in line at the post office and hear English behind me (not very common).  Even stranger, it is two guys talking about some sports car.  Sports cars in Israel?  What?! Of course, an old woman starts babbling in Russian to me. Why do old people always assume that I speak Russian?  I don’t remotely look like most of the Russian women here (wrong build and facial features).  Maybe it isn’t personal, but just the odds.  Karmiel is now about 40% Russian!

Well, that’s all for now.  Get back to your Pesach cleaning!


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