Waiting for a Government

Hard to believe, but we are still rudderless: All this time and no government has been formed.  This has been going on for way too long.  Bibi is in talks with everyone, including Avodah (Labor).  I would think that anyone who voted Avodah would be incredibly pissed off if their vote ended up being part of a Bibi government.  Why bother with the change in election laws re: vote swapping if party leaders cut their own deals afterwards?  Just pul-eeez don’t make Liberman the Foreign Minister.  Too scary for words.

Shave your dog: I think I over-trimmed the girl.  She was shivering this morning.


One response to “Waiting for a Government

  1. To the same extent, anybody who voted Likud will not be very happy to get Barak as Defence Minister. And Liberman be Foreign Minister.

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