Know Your Audience

What’s the big fuss?  Rafael gets flamed for this promotional video.  I think it’s pretty funny.  I also think that someone at Rafael knows exactly how to connect with the target audience.  And since when is Rafael an “arms dealer?”  They are a weapons manufacturer, yes.  But “arms dealer” conjures up images of sleazy mercenaries and bad Hollywood villains.  That’s like calling Teva “drug dealers.”

Oi, my sinuses!  Poor Terri is suffering from short walks while I am under the weather.  This morning she made the most of the brief outing by cornering a cat in a very muddy big of shrubbery.  (Don’t worry about the cat; it held its ground and whacked her a few times for good measure.)  But it is one very muddy dog who trots home next to me.  Bath time!  Thank goodness I have such a patient pup when it comes to baths!


One response to “Know Your Audience

  1. You’re right. That’s got to be one of the most outrageous promotional videos I’ve ever seen! Not sure what was worse – the missile draped in flower wreaths, the lyrics, or the zoftig dancing girl. Well, no one ever accused popular Israeli culture of being understated or tasteful.

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