Archie Alert

He’s back!  Terri’s large friend, Archie, is back in the dog park, bogarding squeaky toys and terrorizing smaller dogs.  Archie is actually a marshmallow of a dog, despite his enormous size and formidable appearance. Terri is not put off—she chases after him and gleefully nips at his heels. 

We are enjoying a sudden hamsin (heat wave). It gets up to about 30 today; just a few days ago, it was 10.  We’ve gone from serious rain gear and wooly sweaters to shorts and tank tops in just a few days.  No wonder the doggies are going nuts.

Terri discovers a tortoise, but is quickly distracted because a whole herd of goats is going past, and then a guy on a horse comes down the trail.  Too many exciting things to sniff!


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