More Whacked Translations

Huh?  OK, I’ve mentioned the rain, yes?  Yesterday’s midday walk with Terri gets both of us soaked to the skin, and even my boots finally have had enough.  Time to dry them out, warm them up, and give them a good waterproofing.  I search through my gear and discover an old container of Skinnfix, which I picked up when in Norway several years ago.  Not sure if it will work.  So I do an online search, and the only references I can find look like this:

Färglöst läderbalsam. Otroligt drygt, räcker länge. Mycket effektivt och färgar inte. Skyddar mot sol, regn, snö och saltvatten. Tar bort saltränderna och ger lädret en lång livstid.

Hmmm.  Time for an online translator.  Unfortunately, I don’t know what language it is!  When I try Norwegian to English, I get just a few random words.  I eventually hit on Swedish, and get this:

Färglöst läderbalsam. Incredible consequential , reaches long. Very effectively and dyes nots. Protects anti suns , rain , snow and saltvatten. Am grabbing away saltränderna and give leather a long book currency.

I like any product that can grab away saltranderna (not to mention being consequential).  Let’s see what my boots think of it!


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