Strange Golden Orb

Is that the sun?  More rain.  I even end up stuck in my car for 20 minutes, waiting for a torrential downpour to ease up enough to allow me to dash from the car to the building.  But after what seems like a Noah’s Ark epic rain storm, I find myself driving into the brilliant dazzle of sunshine.  For about half a kilometer, the highway is bathed in golden rays that seem like a spotlight.  Behind me, dark clouds.  Ahead, dark clouds.  In a matter of seconds, I’m through the sunshine and back into dark, dank, overcast gloom.  A minute later, it is pissing down again.

But the sun peeps out again as I take Terri out.  Everything is so intensely green (and glistening in the sunshine) that it hurts my eyes.  The wadi is a flowing river, and we both stop to stare at it, fixated on that most ephemeral of all natural phenomena here: water and sunshine together.  The gorgeous weather lasts for all of an hour; another storm front is moving in.

How many camels can you fit into a Subaru?  Ouch.  Hat tip to Central LS.

Simon Deng, on target again. In case you missed his editorial…  Hat tip to Central LS.


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