Monthly Archives: March 2009

An Odd Vibe

What’s going on?  Seems like the planets are aligned for weirdness. Here’s just a sample:

  • I am having a haircut and someone drops something in the next shop.  Michel jumps and I now have a small bald spot.
  • I am in a shop and one of the saleswomen starts screaming, “Juke! Juke!” (Cockroach, FYI…)  It is a tiny thing, not one of those big monsters.  I ask for some tissue, squish the darn thing, and toss it while the three women continue to flap their hands and squeal.  What’s with that?  Why would someone be afraid of a stupid bug?  It’s not like they are venomous or something.
  • A kid visiting my neighbor wants to play with Terri.  He starts kissing her.  OK, I kiss my dog, but I wouldn’t kiss someone else’s dog.
  • I do my huge pre-Pesach grocery shopping (ouch!) and have it delivered.  They usually enter the address and other info in the computer, but this checkout person starts filling out a form by hand.  When I comment on it, she says, “This is the way we always do it.”  Uh, does that mean that I have hallucinated the other half-dozen times at this same store?
  • I stand in line at the post office and hear English behind me (not very common).  Even stranger, it is two guys talking about some sports car.  Sports cars in Israel?  What?! Of course, an old woman starts babbling in Russian to me. Why do old people always assume that I speak Russian?  I don’t remotely look like most of the Russian women here (wrong build and facial features).  Maybe it isn’t personal, but just the odds.  Karmiel is now about 40% Russian!

Well, that’s all for now.  Get back to your Pesach cleaning!

Set Your Clocks Ahead

Spring is here:  We go onto Daylight Savings Time tonight.  Since the US clicked over several weeks ago, we have been out of sync.  My calendar beeps to remind me of a telephone board meeting, but when I dial in, they are already wrapping up.  Oops!  But as of tomorrow, we’ll be back on our normal time differences.

Flea season:  Spring is here in another way—it is time to start doing monthly flea treatments.  She was flea-free all winter, but now the little bastards are back. Those Front Line drops are so incredibly disgusting smelling.  Poor darling whines and paces from room to room, trying to escape the dreadful scent.  Anyone have something different to recommend?

Waiting for a Government

Hard to believe, but we are still rudderless: All this time and no government has been formed.  This has been going on for way too long.  Bibi is in talks with everyone, including Avodah (Labor).  I would think that anyone who voted Avodah would be incredibly pissed off if their vote ended up being part of a Bibi government.  Why bother with the change in election laws re: vote swapping if party leaders cut their own deals afterwards?  Just pul-eeez don’t make Liberman the Foreign Minister.  Too scary for words.

Shave your dog: I think I over-trimmed the girl.  She was shivering this morning.

I’m Back

Sorry about the silence: Several readers have written to enquire if I’m still alive.  Yeah, sorry about that.  Just dealing with life, ya know?

Your dogs can’t do this: What a bunch of bored sheep farmers in Wales got up to.  Awesome.  Hat tip to Central LS.

Speaking of smart doggies, I bought a pair of electric clippers and gave the girl a radical spring cut.  She was amazingly patient during the process.

Open Wide

Dental delights: OK, so it’s not breaking news, but it’s cute.

And if you liked that... try this.

Now get back to work!

Know Your Audience

What’s the big fuss?  Rafael gets flamed for this promotional video.  I think it’s pretty funny.  I also think that someone at Rafael knows exactly how to connect with the target audience.  And since when is Rafael an “arms dealer?”  They are a weapons manufacturer, yes.  But “arms dealer” conjures up images of sleazy mercenaries and bad Hollywood villains.  That’s like calling Teva “drug dealers.”

Oi, my sinuses!  Poor Terri is suffering from short walks while I am under the weather.  This morning she made the most of the brief outing by cornering a cat in a very muddy big of shrubbery.  (Don’t worry about the cat; it held its ground and whacked her a few times for good measure.)  But it is one very muddy dog who trots home next to me.  Bath time!  Thank goodness I have such a patient pup when it comes to baths!


Er, not: Bibi and Lieberman. They’re still haggling over who gets what, but it is pretty clear that we are looking at a Government from Hell.

We survived another Purim:  Cute pics.

Do not have a picnic in a mine field:  Duh.  We usually lose a tourist every few years when they ignore the signs, but this was a local. 

…and another tiyul tragedy:  How the heck can you drown in the world’s most boyant body of water?

Happy campers: Training at one of my local clients.  Love these guys.  They ask questions, participate, and roar at the jokes.  The boss has a dog on her lap the whole time.